Why A Vacation To Virginia Will Be A Wonderful Trip

If you have heard of the cities of Alexandria, Williamsburg, or Virginia Beach, then you are probably aware that they are in the state of Virginia. It’s a great place to visit, one that is filled with destinations that have so much to do with American history. There are many bodies of water that you can visit including Lake Moomaw, Lake Braddock, and also you can travel to Lake Anna Cape State Park. Once you have arrived, you will also want to go to the many memorials and tourist attraction that makes Virginia a wonderful place to visit.

What Can You Do In Richmond?

One of the more popular attractions in Richmond is Maymont, a destination that is a point of interest because of all of the beautiful gardens that are there. Likewise, you can stop by the Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden which is also comparable in beauty and size. You can go to the Virginia House, the John Marshall House, and then head over to Libby Hill Park. These are just some of the places you can go if you would like to spend a little bit of time in Richmond on your vacation. There is one other city that you should visit by the name of Alexandria which is one of the more popular places that people stay in Virginia.

What You Can Do In Alexandria

Of all of the things that you can do when you visit Virginia, you need to go to Alexandria. You can take a two-day grand tour of Washington DC, and also one for Mount Vernon. There are also many places to go such as Old Town, and also the George Washington Masonic Lodge. For those that would like to look at the more natural aspects of this city, Founders Park, and also Green Springs Garden, are wonderful places that you can spend a couple of hours.

Virginia is a destination that has both major tourist attractions because of its proximity to Washington DC, but it’s also a location where you can experience the beautiful natural world in all directions. There are hiking trails, preserves, and of course beaches if you would like to go out to the ocean. When you schedule your trip, be sure to add all of these additional activities that you will be able to do when you get a chance to head over to this state which has so much to offer.